Calm your mind, balance your nervous system, and raise your vibration with this one simple breath.

Wellness starts with the breath. It...

  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • improves focus
  • lessens pain levels, and
  • opens you up for joy. 

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What would life look and feel like for you if you felt better in your body?
If it gave you the energy and courage to do what really matters to you?  

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Access to daily yoga, meditation, and other holistic wellness practices to strengthen your nervous system and change your negative self talk to one that taps into your energy reservoir.

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Sadhana Huddle

Need a sweet way to wake up in the morning, feel connected without having to interact, and set a positive tone and mindset for the day?

Log on with us via Zoom from 6 to 6:30 am. It's a quick and delicious half hour that will game-change your morning.

Here's the flow: tune in, mantra meditation, breath meditation, warm-ups.

If you happen to have your own practice that you could use some help getting up for, log on and wake up to this gentle start, log off, and move seamlessly into your practice.

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Attaining Self Mastery

An immersive mastercourse in getting rid of your exhaustion, developing self trust, getting clear on your life's vision, and creating the right support systems to bring it to life.

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Meet Savitree & Jodh

cofounders of HealedLovedFed

If you're exhausted and need a safe, supportive space to tap into your inner strength and wisdom, we've got you.

We know how lonely it can be to pivot and start leaning into what matters most to you. It seems like an unsupported path filled with obstacles requiring the focus, energy, and discipline that you're not sure that you ever had. We've gone through it, and we've helped many others do the same. We can hold your hand and make your walk safer, a little easier, and a lot less lonely.

Through Kundalini Yoga, Ayurveda, and key wellness practices, we teach you to access your innate strength and ability to relax into yourself and experience ease and JOY.

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What People Are Saying...

Impatient, anxious, driven, distracted and unable to quell the frenetic yammering in my head.. I thought I was living pretty effectively as my unique creative self, that yoga was a waste of my precious time. I regularly consult with Savitree to support my daily practice. She is a superb guide:  Wise and intuitive, never pedantic, she gently coaxes me on my own journey. Today, I feel better, stronger, healthier, more vibrant. Unencumbered by fret and apprehension, I can think clearly and follow through productively. I still know fear and dread, but I choose not to dwell there. The less absorbed I am in my own personal plight, the more I appreciate other people and life in the world, and the better I like myself.

—Cookie Gluck

I don't have enough words to express my gratitude, love, and happiness with this practice and community. I'm pain-free. I feel blessed and happy. I am more connected with my true self and my needs. I have improved my nutrition and breathing. The love that these teachers put into what they do can be felt everywhere. The community is amazing. It really has been the best thing that could have happened to me, and I am grateful!

—Lili Rozo

HealedLovedFed and their delivery of yoga and wellness has unquestionably changed my life. After years of seeking self-help guidance, their practice brings self-help knowledge to ACTION. I used to find myself BESIDE myself in conversations with others, judging my every word as I speak! Call it anxiety or extreme self-doubt, it's NOT a way to engage in conversations or in life. I don’t know what combo did it, but POOF! This debilitating habit vanished. And it has not come back. This is powerful! Thanks to Jodh & Savitree, who are genuine, wise, and consistently welcoming, the path has been paved in a serious way. They appear to exist simply to help us each live authentically in our crazy lives, here on this Earth.

—Anna Gratzl

The practices are transformational, and the community is the most welcoming and supportive. HealedLovedFed has been pivotal in my growth journey, and I am beyond grateful. HLF is truly a community of authentic, genuine friends who support each other in being themselves.

—Kelly Mathews

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