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Up-level your capacity to heal, transform, and find self-authority.

We begin May 2, 2021.


See what past participants have said below...


"I can’t imagine how much better [a course] can get. It’s beyond excellent—filled with amazing teachings, inspiration, compassion, and love."

"The immersion weeks (and space between each week) gave me ample time to learn, absorb, and integrate the material into my life. It’s a brilliant way to organize the course this way."

"You can really see by the end how these practices and this course transforms you."

"I really like the intense immersion. You really feel like you’re living it."

"Savitree and Jodh not only provided the “container” that we grew in, they watered us, fed us, gave us sunlight, and pruned us when we needed pruning."

"Gurudass is a presence of unconditional love, and has an amazing ability to keep us motivated and inspired. She offered much support and encouragement and made learning fun through games, song, and stories."

"Savitree and Jodh held the space well, creating a feeling of supportiveness and a loving environment. Gurudass radiates joy and kindness, and that energy is felt by the group."

"They have attention to detail that makes people feel cared for and loved."

"Jodh and Savitree are amazing leaders and supportive all around. Gurudass is the embodiment of mommy love. I felt so supported, held, and loved. What an honor to have them as teachers!"

"I loved the connectedness that was created in the group. Savitree and Jodh held the space well, creating a feeling of supportiveness and a loving environment."

"To get to know each other and observe over the 9 months the gestation, then the birth! It was powerful!"

"I loved that we were in a “contained” spiritual community for so long together with nourishment provided like a family."