Self Mastery is all about knowing yourself and having the ability to guide your emotions, habits, and behaviors in service to your soul's desires.

We teach this through Kundalini Yoga, Mind & Meditation, Circadian Wisdom, and Conscious Communication.

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You've been practicing yoga & meditation,

but something's missing.

It's not giving you the results you were hoping for.

Classes feel great, but you're looking for more. 

You might consider a yoga teacher training to get that missing piece. And in fact that's why many take it. Only a small percentage of students go in with intention to become yoga teachers. 

Because trainings focus mostly on postures and sequencing, the most common complaint - even amongst those planning to become teachers - is not getting what they were most hoping for: a pathway to their soul... a way to stop feeling trapped living a life that doesn't feel like theirs to finding their purpose.

In fact, people have told us they've given up on their practice all together out of frustration and disappointment. 

If you're looking for that missing piece, if you want to understand yourself and feel better in your own skin while activating your body's natural healing abilities, we've created this course for you.

HealedLovedFed has unquestionably changed my life. I often found myself BESIDE myself in conversations with others, judging my every word as I speak! Call it anxiety or extreme self-doubt, it's NOT a way to engage. It didn’t allow me to be fully present with others. After joining HLF, this debilitating habit vanished. And it has not come back. Also, I didn’t know that I needed community. It’s nice to have access to people I can trust, who I know are also working to better themselves and support others in doing the same. And the teachers at HLF have been consistently knowledgeable, approachable and on the level; no dogma. I’m not in my own silo, and I feel so supported. Thanks to the genuine, wise, and consistently welcoming Jodh & Savitree, the path has been paved in a serious way. Somehow all our individual paths are paved by these angelic, cosmic guides who appear to exist simply to help us each live authentically in our crazy lives, here on this Earth. I can’t say enough about HLF and this practice. -Anna G

You've collected yoga tools over the years but they haven't worked for you


95% of anything you do is a mental game. 

We've been taught for an entire lifetime not to believe in ourself, that somehow we fall short. Shame holds us back, keeps us small, and makes us unwell.  

We'll connect you to that untamed part of you that's all about what you were meant to be. We'll make it more natural to feed your soul than to feed your fears. When this happens, your tools will start to work for you. Instead of waking up with dread, you'll start waking up rested, clear and looking forward to your day. 


Working with Savitree and Jodh at HealedLovedFed has been a beautiful and fulfilling experience for me. I have grown tremendously in trusting and living from my own inner guidance, intuition and wisdom.
I feel it on a whole new level, even after many years of practicing and teaching yoga, meditation and breathing with other teachers in different modalities. -Emily L.

You struggle with focus and consistency

It's hard to stick to a plan when things are okay for the moment. 

It's hard to stick to a plan when things aren't going so well, because now you need the fire hose. 

Which is why you may find yourself in the same place months or years later. 

We've got the roadmap to deliver you to You. The You with constant self-authority that leans into her soul's desires with a healthy dose of urgency...
Who assesses her life through her inner compass instead of external rules and guidelines.
Who loves her life because she fully owns it. 


...that can feel impossible to maintain.

This course makes it easy. It's interactive, immersive, actionable, and 5 months long to create new neural pathways that support your growth and connect you back to your inner authority. 

We'll give you the process and provide the resources you need to stay on course with ease.

You'll start noticing that you feel at peace through life's ups and downs.

Mentor and peer support is built into the process.  There is no "good luck y'all" beginning, middle, or end. 

I loved the immersive nature of this program. I felt supported and challenged at the same time. It really deepened my commitment to the practice and to myself. The training set that consistency for me, which is such a gift. -Kristen C.

Sync with your soul's desires.


Instead of feeding your fears and desire for external validation, train and recalibrate your mind & body to feed your soul's desires.

This is what is means to be self-referred.

Dive deep into a daily practice to align and integrate your mind & body with spirit to create the life you want.

Attaining Self-Mastery

is an experiential, immersive, and interactive online course focused on YOUR spiritual journey. 


  • Access your inner wisdom through yoga, meditation, and lifestyle practices.

  • Accelerate your unfolding through group and personal sadhana (spiritual practice).

  • Witness the emergence of your own true voice through structured creative processes and discourse.


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Attaining Self Mastery from home

Taking this course from your home allows you to create your practice space and boundaries as you prepare for the course, giving you an opportunity to say "this is my time to take care of myself."

You don’t have to create this juiciness on your own. You get to infuse the energy you create during our weekends together into your home space in real time (rather than creating it somewhere else).

This is an opportunity to practice on the mat and off the mat in your lived space and relationships. Let's heal it, love it, and feed it. It's Urban Yoga. It'll be fun. And we'll do it together.


This course meets one weekend a month for 5 consecutive months
+ one weekday for 2 hours each week. 

Weekend immersion dates

Saturdays & Sundays, 9 am to 5 pm CST...

  • June 5-6
  • July 10-11
  • August 7-8
  • September 11-12
  • October 9-10

Weekly 2-hour masterclass + group and independent practice times will vary

If you're concerned about missing some dates, reach out to us, everything is figureoutable. 



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We'll cover 5 core practices that, together, support ease, health, and wholeness from their different entry points. They weave into a complete internal support system, strengthening your mental game and balancing your body systems to be able to both be still and move as necessary. 

About Savitree & Jodh

We come from different parts of the world, both literally and figuratively. Yet our lives were both overwhelmed by anxiety, sleep, and digestive issues. And we were (and are still) stubborn. Which means we often learn things the hard way. While we handled our issues differently, our approach was the same: to steamroll over them. Until we couldn't. We fell apart inside. Quietly looking for answers, we both found kundalini yoga, mind & meditation, and food & healing. Our stubborn, rebellious, and all-or-nothing personalities became assets, guiding us to a process that we anchored into to transform ourselves and the lives of many others. We are both wildly passionate about helping people move from anxious to ease. We know that with every person finding equanimity, with every person walking the Earth with joy and purpose instead of fear and regret, the positive impact on the world multiplies exponentially. We know that while our inner work is done alone, we can't get through it alone. Which is why we know how important the right support systems are.

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Meet the rest of your team

Gurudass Khalsa

Gurudass has been teaching Kundalini and Childplay Yoga all over the globe for nearly 45 years. 

In 1978, she co-founded the first Kundalini Yoga center in Barcelona, Spain and is creator of the internationally celebrated Childplay Yoga Training Program. She's also a devotional musician with 13 albums. 

Paul Weitz

Paul started his career over 25 years ago at YogaWorks in Santa Monica, CA, eventually to study in the Sivananda tradition in Chicago. 

He is certified in teaching yoga, Thai Yoga Therapy (he co-founded Chicago School of Thai Massage), Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy, and has a Masters in Applied Psychology. 

Dr. John Peterson

Dr. John is a board-certified Family Medicine physician and one of the first to incorporate the principles of Maharishi Ayurveda healthcare into his practice. 

He's educated thousands of people about Ayurvedic health care, emphasizing the need for a return to spiritual wholeness as the foundation of health. 

Anna SachKiret 

Anna "SachKiret" Gratzl is trained in Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Authentic Relationships, Conscious Communication, Kid's Yoga, and Emotional Liberation. 

She started off as a student here, and we've got witnesses who can attest to her saying, "I can honestly say that I LOVE MY LIFE!" The tools she shares, and how she shares them, makes her contagious and impactful. 

What else they've said...

(these are from the anonymous post course surveys)

"Savitree and Jodh not only provided the “container” that we grew in, they watered us, fed us, gave us sunlight, and pruned us when we needed pruning."

"Gurudass is a presence of unconditional love, and has an amazing ability to keep us motivated and inspired."

"Savitree and Jodh held the space well, creating a feeling of supportiveness and a loving environment. Gurudass radiates joy and kindness, and that energy is felt by the group."

"They have attention to detail that makes people feel cared for and loved."

"Jodh and Savitree are amazing leaders and supportive all around. Gurudass is the embodiment of mommy love. I felt so supported, held, and loved. What an honor to have them as teachers!"

"I can’t imagine how much better [a course] can get. It’s beyond excellent—filled with amazing teachings, inspiration, compassion, and love."

"You can really see by the end how these practices and this course transforms you."

Got questions?

Here are answers to the most common questions we've received.

If you have other questions, please reach out to us at [email protected] 

Here's what's included...

  • 5 MODULES delivered livestream and recordings in an immersive, interactive format:
    1. Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
    2. Circadian Wisdom/ Ayurveda
    3. Mind & Meditation
    4. Conscious Communication
    5. Yogic Philosophy
  • Weekly Q&A / hotseat sessions
  • Monthly topic experts
  • Mentor support
  • Private membership portal with discussion forum and additional resources
  • Special course material, including:
    1. yogic anatomies - the 8 chakras & the 10 bodies to empower you by understanding how these anatomies govern your behaviors and responses.
    2. akara numerology -to guide you in your personal practice and offer insights into your relationships with your Self and others.
    3. Ayurvedic lifestyle deep dive roadmap to sync you to your own circadian rhythm.
  • Lifetime access to the course so that you can continue to receive support through your evolution.
  • 14 days no questions guarantee

    1. Authentic Relationships masterclass: understanding yourself through your interactions with others has a direct impact on your ability to heal, on your sense of ease and self-worth in the world. This masterclass will deepen the connection you have with yourself and those around you. ($1097 value)
    2. Food & Healing masterclass (incorporates principles of Ayurveda): "Clogged with yesterday's excess, the body drags the mind down with it, and fastens to the ground this fragment of divine spirit." Horace. Food affects joy, strength, energy, and sense of nourishment. You'll experience the effects of food on your mind, body, and spirit and in your ability to move forward in life. ($997 value)
    3. Recoding the Mind w/ Mantra challenge: whether or not you think you've practiced mantra, you have. Most of your life. The story you repeat in your head day after day has been your mantra, and it's created the lens through which you see and your reality. It sabotages the efforts you make to move forward. To change your life, you must change your mind. Recoding through mantra is a powerful, highly effective method. ($897 value)

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