Self Mastery is all about knowing yourself and having the ability to guide your emotions, habits, and behaviors in service to your soul's desires.

We teach this through Kundalini Yoga, Mind & Meditation, Circadian Wisdom, and Conscious Communication.

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What past participants have said...

(comments without names came from our anonymous survey)


"I can’t imagine how much better [a course] can get. It’s beyond excellent—filled with amazing teachings, inspiration, compassion, and love."

"The immersion weeks (and space between each week) gave me ample time to learn, absorb, and integrate the material into my life. It’s a brilliant way to organize the course this way."

"I really like the intense immersion. You really feel like you’re living it."

"Savitree and Jodh not only provided the “container” that we grew in, they watered us, fed us, gave us sunlight, and pruned us when we needed pruning."

"Savitree and Jodh held the space well, creating a feeling of supportiveness and a loving environment. Gurudass radiates joy and kindness, and that energy is felt by the group."

"They have attention to detail that makes people feel cared for and loved."

"Jodh and Savitree are amazing leaders and supportive all around. "

"I loved the connectedness that was created in the group. Savitree and Jodh held the space well, creating a feeling of supportiveness and a loving environment."


"I loved that we were in a “contained” spiritual community for so long together with nourishment provided like a family."

HealedLovedFed has unquestionably changed my life. I often found myself BESIDE myself in conversations with others, judging my every word as I speak! Call it anxiety or extreme self-doubt, it's NOT a way to engage. It didn’t allow me to be fully present with others. After joining HLF, this debilitating habit vanished. And it has not come back. Also, I didn’t know that I needed community. It’s nice to have access to people I can trust, who I know are also working to better themselves and support others in doing the same. And the teachers at HLF have been consistently knowledgeable, approachable and on the level; no dogma. I’m not in my own silo, and I feel so supported. Thanks to the genuine, wise, and consistently welcoming Jodh & Savitree, the path has been paved in a serious way. Somehow all our individual paths are paved by these angelic, cosmic guides who appear to exist simply to help us each live authentically in our crazy lives, here on this Earth. I can’t say enough about HLF and this practice.
-Anna G

Working with Savitree and Jodh at HealedLovedFed has been a beautiful and fulfilling experience for me.
I have grown tremendously in trusting and living from my own inner guidance, intuition and wisdom.
I feel it on a whole new level, even after many years of practicing and teaching yoga, meditation and breathing with other teachers in different modalities. -Emily L.



I loved the immersive nature of this program. I felt supported and challenged at the same time. It really deepened my commitment to the practice and to myself. The training set that consistency for me, which is such a gift. -Kristen C.