40 Day Challenge: meditations for intuition, creativity, and consistency

40 day challenge breath meditation focus consistency & discipline mantra meditation savitree Oct 05, 2021

Probably the greatest benefit of any 40 day practice is that you do the practice for the 40 consecutive days. Then there's the benefit of the chosen meditations.

If you look at what you're most consistent at in your day to day, you'll get a clue as to why things may or may not be working for you in each specific area. Because we get really good at what we do (or don't do)! And that's good news, because we can change that.


Next Monday, October 11, we'll be starting a new 40 day challenge.

Because it takes 40 days to create a new habit. First, to deepen the habit of daily practice (something you do for yourself), and then to deepen the habit of what's described below (also for yourself).

For our 40 Day Challenge, we are doing 2 meditations, back to back:

  1. The Indra Nittra Meditation aka the Magic Mantra aka the Siri (Great) Mantra:
    This mantra meditation takes your negative thoughts and turn them positive. It brings great intuition, increases creativity, and puts you in a potent state of manifestation. You ready for this??

  2. Caliber for Constant Self-Authority:
    This breath meditation gives you the ability to stay true to your committed Self. Meaning, when you say yes or no to things, your decision is made to align with your Soul's desire. Otherwise, you might stop doing something simply because you identify as being rebellious to what you're supposed to do. OR, maybe you do things because you follow the rules. Neither of those necessarily follow your Sat Nam; both obey your self-identifications, which often create chaos out of an attempt to create individuality by difference or by perfectionism. This meditation changes that and taps you into your inner guru.

Are you in on the 40 Days?

Let us know, and we'll make sure you get the practice video and tutorial. And, we'll be practicing them every weekday morning during the Sadhana Huddle (from 6 to 6:30 am cst) beginning next Monday, October 11. You don't need to join the huddle to join the challenge. But it's great if you do!


Love, Savitree

P.S. - we'll be sharing the videos and talking about the Challenge in our private FB group: Goals, Life Purpose, and Meditation (GLaM for short). Please join to be a part of this conversation.

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