Meditation Block #3: It's boring

Mar 17, 2022

It’s good to know we can still create this situation in times where distractions, overwhelm, and scheduled events rule our days. 

You are an estuary

An estuary is a body of water where river meets sea. Where fresh and saltwater mix, so it doesn’t really know what it is, arguably. It’s one of the most productive and protective bodies of water, so filled with nutrient that fish and animals alike rely on them for food and breeding. 

Boredom is an estuary. 

It’s where fresh meets salty and you get to feed and grow from that brackishness and figure yourself out. It’s where tantrum and drama meets Soul and awakens your gifts. You just have to decide that boredom doesn’t suck. Instead, it’s your lifeline. 

Once upon a time… 

  • …before children were scheduled to the hilt with multiple activities, they got to be bored plenty. They got to complain and soothe themselves into themSelves with a capital S. 
  • …we didn’t have 24 hour news, and we weren’t tearing our hair out trying to manage so many overlapping obligations at once while riding on anxiety from the media stories of the day. 
  • …we sat at the dinner table together 
  • …we visited each other by ringing the doorbell without advanced notice because we were nearby.

We got to be bored enough to have to think about what to do with ourselves, and we were actually happy when people came by unannounced. We had enough emotional capacity to flow with that. 

Think about addictions 

This goes for soft additions as well, like scrolling or streaming. 

I can stop anytime. I just don’t want to. 

When you say that, you know it’s a problem. If you’ve observed children closely enough, you’ve noticed that the more they’ve been on screen (and it’s usually multiple screens at a time), the less capacity and patience they have to deal with things. They break down so quickly. Same for us adults. It just looks different. But actually, it doesn’t. 

The solution… 

…might be boredom through meditation. Because meditation delivers calm and changes the negative self-talk. You learn a lot. Mostly that it’s not boring if you give it a real chance. Look closely, and you might see that there is a storm going on underneath; a rebellion with yourself. An auto-immune dis-ease of sorts. Your ego has decided to call it boredom. And now you can say yes, please.

Take control of your small self and show up for it. 

Conquer your mind. 

Conquer time and space: I don’t have time, I’ve got no space in my life to do for myself like that. There are too many things to do. 

Conquer it. 

This boredom is your pain trying to move through and out so you can unleash. 




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