Meditation works ... when you’re proactive

Mar 29, 2022
meditation works

A client recently shared with me how daily meditation has been a game changer in helping them manage their anxiety and stress. When we started working with each other, they were meditating, but using it as an in-the-moment remedy when feeling anxious… I’m stressed, so I should meditate.

The question I asked: How’s that working for you? 

It wasn’t. 

In fact, most people I work with find meditation, or deep breathing, during moments of anxiety to be incredibly difficult, if not impossible. It can actually provoke increased panic or racing thoughts, instead of the zen feeling they’re expecting. As a result, they’re left feeling duped, disappointed, or like a failure. 

In our work together, I explained how daily meditation works to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest), bringing a sense of calm and ease to the body and mind. And starting the day with meditation brings you into present moment awareness. 

It’s your gift to yourself, where you’re pouring into yourself, before giving to others. 

Understanding this, they committed to a daily meditation practice. 

After months of daily meditation, they experienced a significant reduction in both episodes and intensity of anxiety. In reflecting on the change, they determined that using meditation proactively, versus in the moment of anxiety, was a game changer. Meditating first thing in the morning meant starting the day in a positive headspace, and having more clarity and less anxiety throughout the day. 

All of this with less than 30 minutes of daily meditation! 


Get started with this simple mantra meditation. Start with 3 minutes a day, and notice where you experience the vibration in your body. Chanting this sound expands your lung capacity and brings a feeling of calm and peace.


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