Activating healing and living into your gift

Mar 23, 2023
child in magical forest

Image by Dorothe from Pixabay


We’ve all buried parts of ourselves since our childhood and young adult years; those parts that weren’t well received by those around us. Kids in the playground had opinions that shaped us, but more importantly, the adults. I remember being called selfish, childish, irresponsible or impractical when I did or said certain things (I was willful, too playful for an Asian, not lady-like, and didn’t take the road paved for me). Needless to say, these interactions shaped how I expressed myself through a mix of conformity and rebellion. I wanted to feel safe and attempted to get it in my own way. I just didn't know what my own way was.

What we don’t often realize is that the peers and authority figures of our past no longer need to have such a palpable presence in our lives. The seasons have changed many times over, and now we have more resources, communication skills, and the ability to reach out to a wider range of support systems than we think we do. Think of the resources you pull out, no holds barred, to support those around you.  

In the change of seasons, nature shifts with its environment and circumstances. In winter, it gets cold, harsh, and more constrictive, so we go inward. Then the world begins to thaw and things become more expansive; the sun shines like a wake up alarm for renewal, and the rain showers down to help us cleanse and detox. The rest of nature knows what to do - they come out, take nourishment from this new climate, and they bloom.

Do we?

While we’ll go through our own personal seasons that vary in length, we don’t always seem to recognize that our new season has arrived. We don’t realize that it’s time to shed the protective layers, open up, and bloom. 

You are the author(ity) of your life. You have the power to unearth the protective layers and get in touch with the magic you’ve buried, those parts of you that are crying to come out.

The part of you that withholds is from a memory of another time confused as the present moment, and you transfer that onto the people around you now. The child that was once you wants you to let that go and see you step into what she tried to express in her raw, unadulterated, joyful, and magnificent self but didn't know was okay to continue. The adult that is you now knows that it is okay, that she was amazing exactly how she was meant to be before the domestication, and you can express that part of yourself now. For both of you.

Imagine that your past child self is your actual child. How would you support and hold space for her today to help her unleash what she’s holding back out of fear of reprisal? 

Awaken this part of you. It’s your activation source for healing, for living into your gift, your pure joy. Because you are that. 


Love, Savitree

P.S. -  How would you support and hold space for her today to help her unleash what she’s holding back? Share your thoughts with your HLF community (if you haven’t logged in yet, sign in, it's free). Here, we can keep the conversation and inspiration going. I’d really love that.


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