All you have to do is remember

Feb 16, 2021
All you have to do is remember

“I realized I hold my breath... ALL the time!”

Said a beloved community member.  

Can you relate? 

I know I can. 

If you live in an urban area and you look up at the night sky, you might see a few stars… maybe even a constellation or two, and you notice how beautiful it all is.  

Drive a few hours away from the city and look up. It takes your breath away when you realize how MANY stars there are! The contrast between the two creates awareness which allows you to appreciate the vast and brilliant night sky and just how different it can look from one place to the next. 

You don’t see the contrast until you see the contrast.

Awareness creates opportunity for change. 

We forget how to breathe properly because we are chronically stressed. For many of us, this starts early in life, and we end up barreling through, feeling stressed, shallow breathing and holding our breath. 

The tendency is to hold the breath when you need it most: when you’re stressed. This puts added pressure on the nervous system, unknowingly putting yourself in continuous fight or flight mode. 

When you learn to breathe with awareness... my goodness, there’s just nothing like it. 

It’s like being outside the city limits, looking up in awe at the crystal clear, star-filled sky. 

It’s like quenching your thirst with water when you’re totally parched. 

It reminds you that you’re ok, you’ve got this, you can do it. 

It gives you calm and ease so you can step into your passion, ready. 

It instills peace, instead of dread. 

It gives pause. 

So that you can respond versus react. 

And you have access to it whenever you need it. 

All you have to do is remember to breathe. 

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