Being busy isn’t what's draining your energy

Apr 28, 2021
being busy isn't what's draining your energy

It’s the emotions you bring to what you're doing that's draining you. 

In fact, when your day is full, and you're present for it, including the most mundane tasks… and you meet the difficult ones with open wonder instead of resistance… you’re not drained. You're energized.  

Your habitual thought patterns will want to do their normal thing. Which is to tell you you can't help how you feel. Until you decide to create new ones. 

You can change your mind. 

Creating new neural pathways is like building muscle. It takes regular practice. At any age. 


Here are 3 things you can do to start your mental conditioning

  • Breathe

    It’s difficult to do anything well in flight or flight mode - except to fight (react) or fly (escape, avoid, distract). Which feeds guilt, shame, and anxiety, weakens your nervous system, and drains you of energy.

    Proper breathing will turn on the parasympathetic nervous system, which puts you in a state of calm, which is foundational for everything else you do.
     It grounds and slows down your sense of time to provide a broader view of any situation. It soothes the nervous system and generates life force (energy).

    Click here to learn the One Simple Breath.
  • Use mantra throughout the day

    Mantra codes over your negative self talk. Chanted in a group setting, people experience immediate elevation and sense of the Divine, giving them an experience of what it feels like to know you are unconditionally loved. What would it be like to live from that headspace? Practiced daily on your own, you’ll experience increased sense of ease, expansion, and even bliss. Over time, that sense of the Divine stays with you and becomes a part of your new normal.

    Start with the mantra Wahe Guru, pronounced: wah'-hay g-roo. The guru is almost one syllable.
    When you pronounce the “r” in Guru, hit the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth just behind the upper teeth to stimulate the pressure points.

    Sit on your meditation cushion or in a chair with your eyes closed, one hand over the other, rested on your lap. Chant Wahe Guru over and over again, either loudly or silently. Start at 3 minutes, and if you really want to make things happen, practice daily for 11 minutes.


  • Become acutely aware of your private voice

    I got this powerful exercise from Jim Loehr, who’s coached many of the top athletes to become #1.

    Become aware of your private voice - what you say internally that no one else hears. That voice is your most powerful coach - like it or not. If you’ve got negative coaching going on, it will wear you down, make you feel small, and drain your energy before you step out of bed in the morning. This voice is often passed down from your family, and it can feel impossible to shake.

    JOURNAL to retrain your mind. 
    • Write down what your private voice is saying to you so you know what kind of coach you’re dealing with.
    • Then write down who you are when you’re most proud of yourself. 
    • From that place, script out how you want to speak to yourself in times of trouble. 
    • Read and write this for 10 minutes a day. Give yourself a daily upgrade. 

A conditioned body helps sustain energy for sure, and it’s really important to keep it strong and well-functioning. But it doesn’t hold a candle to your mind when it comes to owning your day.  As they say in running: it's 90% mental and the rest physical. 


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