Celebrating the process

Jan 18, 2022
Celebrating the process

When I was training to run a marathon, I learned to celebrate the training process. Every week, you set out on your training plan for that week and celebrate each run no matter how they go. Through each run, you get to learn something about yourself that you’ll take into the marathon (AND into life!). The actual marathon becomes the ultimate celebration as all the work is done and you get to settle into your race and enjoy the environment and experience of it. 

Having a meditation practice is similar. No matter where you are on your meditation journey, each time you sit on your mat, you get to practice meditating. Through your practice, you can have an array of experiences. Some days it’s bliss, some days are gut wrenching, and others it feels impossible to get a moment of quiet. Every day you sit on your mat, regardless of what comes up, you learn, gain experience, and you get to celebrate the process. 

Where else on your wellness journey do you get to celebrate the process? 

👉 How about the days where you just can’t do breath of fire even though yesterday you felt like you could do it for 31 minutes straight.

👉 Or when you make yourself a delicious, nourishing meal, sit down and chew every bite without distraction. 

👉 When you indulge in ice cream, but rather than beating yourself up, you enjoy each and every lick. 

👉 Having a  juicy, connective conversation with someone you love. 

👉 After the yoga class where you had a tantrum after tantrum, but leave feeling like you were finally able to let go of the tension your body’s been holding all week.

👉 That quiet time you take for yourself to be with your thoughts or sink into a book.

👉 The cold morning when you go for a walk, run or bike ride (even though it was still dark!) and feel like nothing can stop you

👉 Or you take an afternoon nap because you’re tired and you need to rest. 

Wellness is a celebration. It’s not about perfection or doing things a certain way. It’s about creating habits that support and uplift you and doing the best you can to stick with them. And having grace and celebrating when it doesn’t go as you planned, because you still got to learn and have the experience. 

When you celebrate the process, you celebrate you. What are you celebrating today? 

With love and celebration,

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