Chucks & pearls for new beginnings

Jan 19, 2021
Chucks & pearls for new beginnings

Are you planning to watch the Inauguration on Wednesday, January 20th? It will probably be the most interesting Inauguration Day yet, considering we are still in the middle of a pandemic, and still perhaps reeling from the events of January 6th. In honor of Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris, I ordered a fun t-shirt to wear (in the house, socially distant) that has a fun pair of Chuck Taylors, a pearl necklace, and says “Chucks & Pearls, Kamala Harris, 2021”. As a Black Woman, I am so incredibly proud to see her break the glass ceiling. I have a number of female friends who plan to wear pearls for the Inauguration as well. 

I always thought the word Inauguration was exclusive to a ceremony tied to a political figure being sworn in, but guess what? It has a broader meaning as well:

“An inauguration is a ceremony that formally marks the start of something. ... Inauguration can refer to a formal ceremony, such as one marking the start of a new term in office or the opening of a new wing in a museum, but it can be used more broadly to describe a less formal beginning.”

How cool would it be if we always celebrated the beginning of something new with a ceremony. Of course, we definitely celebrate new beginnings-- a couple usually has a reception when they get married, there is also usually a reception when a baby has a christening/bris, just to name a few. We may celebrate with family and friends when we get a promotion, a new job, when we retire, or get a new house. 

BUT-- how do you celebrate your “smaller-scale” beginnings? Do you necessarily need to celebrate with someone else? What would a celebratory ceremony look like whether I have others to celebrate with or I am all alone?

It dawned on me that my morning sadhana (spiritual discipline) could count! Think about it-- your sadhana is a way to celebrate YOU. Your morning sadhana is a way to celebrate the ability to breathe, to move, to be still, to chant, to pray, to meditate and to connect with yourself and with The Divine. What a great way to celebrate waking up to and beginning a brand new day.

Ok, that might be a stretch to think of morning sadhana as an “inauguration”, however the concept of celebrating our new beginnings shouldn’t be ignored, especially in these times where we may not be able to get together in the traditional sense with beloved family and friends. If you have a new goal you are working towards, CELEBRATE it. Bring joy into the whole process of it. And if you are wanting to create a new beginning for yourself, Kirtan Kriya is perfect for that. 

In the comments below, share something you are starting in 2021 that we can celebrate with you.

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