Don’t meditate into a neutral mind. Meditate into joy. Then answer this prompt.

May 26, 2022
Don’t meditate into a neutral mind. Meditate into joy. Then answer this prompt.

Here are your 7-minute meditation instructions:

(But first have pen and paper ready, close your door, and silence your phone)

Tap into your Soul Consciousness
. 2 minutes. 

  • Come to your breath. 
  • Focus on a simple mantra. (Sat Nam, Har, or Wahe Guru are some good ones)

These two things alone wake up the intelligence in every cell in your body. If your mind doesn’t recognize this, your body will. This, in essence, empties your mind, meaning it cuts through the noise of all the drama holding your attention and into the depths of your Soul where you can finally hear it speak. Like when someone is trying to talk to you over a commercial, and you turn it way down to listen.

Go down memory lane. Once you’re tapped in: 

  • Rather than trying to get into your neutral mind, which is as tough as it is to sit with an empty mind, tap into a joyful memory and bring it into the present moment. Not your story around it, but the feeling of it. 
  • If other feelings are mixed in with your memories because you’re more complicated than that, try to lean into and isolate that sense of joy and bring it forward. 
  • Continue for 2 minutes. 

Answer the below prompt for 3 minutes.

  • Set your timer.
  • You’re tapped into your Soul, now leverage it. Capture your highest Self on paper by writing in full stream of consciousnessNo editing your thoughts, feelings, the practicalities, or how-tos of it. Just your stream of consciousness. 
  • Take pen to paper. Thinking, visualizing, meditating on this with your eyes closed is fleeting. 
  • Write fast. Capture it all.  
  • Stay in your body and in your joy for this. 

The prompter is...

What all do you want to experience in your life? (Who are you with? Where are you? What are you doing?)


Love, Savitree


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