You're an emotional being that thinks on occasion: agree or disagree?

emotions & spiritual hungers inner coach savitree Oct 19, 2021
You're an emotional being that thinks on occasion. Agree or disagree?

You're an emotional being that thinks on occasion.
Agree or disagree?

When we ask people this, while they admit that they're emotional, they identify more with the flip side: that they are thinking beings who emote on occasion.
This is understandable since most people will say that they can't get out of their head, or that they're thoughts often keep them up all night.

That we are thinkers who emote on occasion is as true as saying that we're humans having a spiritual experience. Easy mistake: we seem human more often than we are spiritual.

Yoga teaches that we are in fact spiritual beings having a human experience... during this relatively short time here on Earth.

You can be certain that advertisers know we are more emotional beings who think on occasion. They don't focus on facts. Facts are obligatorily put in tiny print and spoken in lightning speed and lower volume. They show happy people, nature, babies, animals, and feel-good images of success to elicit your spiritual hungers which you experience through your emotions, i.e. hunger to matter, to be loved, to be heard, etc. When those hungers aren't met, your emotions let you know.

As spiritual beings, you're given this fantastic navigational tool - your emotions - to help you navigate your humanity. Your emotions talk to you through your heart and gut brains.

The question is, can you reel in your monkey mind, aka your ego, to serve your personal truth? Can you listen to your spiritual hungers to know what your spirit wants you to do next?

Love, Savitree

P.S.  Click here get the list of spiritual hungers that lie behind your emotions. And then let me know what insights you have as you work with these (I definitely want to know).


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