For a victorious practice, begin with the end in mind

Feb 15, 2022
victorious practice

Marriage has taught me to appreciate the benefits of making the bed every day. Prior to living with my husband, I only made my bed when I washed the sheets or if someone was coming over who might peer into my room and see it. 🤨

He makes the bed every morning, and at night, I get to experience the deliciousness of getting into a made bed. Pulling back the blanket and sheet, sliding in and covering myself, feels so cozy. It makes me happy to walk by the bedroom and see the beautifully made bed, knowing what I have to look forward to in the evening.  

This is a simple practice that you may not enjoy in the moment, but appreciate later. Like when you get into bed and don’t have to shift or kick the covers around because everything is just right. 

What a way to end the day! 

Think of preparing for your practice in the same way. 

Begin with the end in mind… 

👉 Eat a light and early dinner. This allows digestion to begin before you go to bed, allowing you to sleep more restfully. 

👉 Prepare your practice space the night before. Think about your best option for your practice where you can have quiet time for yourself. If you can, lay out your yoga mat, place your cushion, and have a blanket and cozy socks nearby if your room is chilly. I like to keep a candle and a salt night light in my space this time of year so I can have a soft glow as I practice. 

👉 Prepare your water before you go to bed. Boil water, fill your hydroflask or thermos and place it in your practice space. Have a few sips before you begin your practice. 

👉 Go to bed when you’re tired. This may sound obvious, but it can be easy to stay up later watching Netflix, scrolling socials or taking care of last minute chores. With that said, forcing yourself to go to bed before you're tired may result in lying there, frustrated and staring at the ceiling, waiting for sleep to happen… so, go to bed when you’re tired and once you’re there, avoid screens in bed if you can. Instead, create a soothing ritual for yourself that may include reading a few pages of an uplifting book, writing your thoughts or wins from the day, listening to mantra music or meditating. 

Let your preparation support your practice. 

This way you don’t have to think about it, you can get up, head straight to your practice space, and begin. 

What a powerful way to start the day!

With love and blessings,


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