Goals, Life Purpose, and Meditation

Sep 28, 2021

We've been having conversations with people about how meditation and yoga practice serves them in their everyday lives.


When we talk about the things we want to accomplish in our lives, it doesn't always serve to focus on the fact that we're healthy and all the gratitudes. While those things are incredibly important, they often come with an air of "you're fine, don't take it all so seriously, don't look at that stuff so hard, it's in the past and the future, just breathe and move with the present moment."


Which is all excellent, but when you want to make change in your life, it might be helpful to ally around support, offering up real tools, and a blend of honey and medicine needed to get there.


Meditation allows us to focus on the thing at hand rather than to distract. Meditation gives us the clarity to know when we need to dance and when we need to buckle down (which is another form of dance).


In support of the householders - those that have chosen a life of worldly responsibilities, the joys and irritations of relationships, mortgages, work, children, bills, tuitions, and vacation planning, we're amping our focus on: "what's next now" rather than the simple "live in the moment." Because the latter hasn't served the people we're talking to to know what to do next. In an honest attempt to follow that adage, they weren't living the moment. They were pretend smiling, resenting, stuffing down, and distracting away the moment.


If you have goals, are drawn towards purpose, and know that your meditation practice is a critical part of gaining clarity and accomplishing what you want in this lifetime, we're starting a conversation on our new private Facebook group to give voice to that: Goals, Life Purpose, and Meditation. Join us here. You’ll be asked to answer three simple questions and agree to the group rules. Invite your friends. It's free. We look forward to connecting with you there.

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