Here's how to embrace the new

Apr 25, 2023
Here's how to embrace the new

When you’re doing something new for the first time, it can be both exciting and scary. As you’re getting started, you may feel your heart fluttering and your stomach flipping. You may even notice you’re holding your breath. But have you noticed that excitement and fear can each produce these responses? Try embracing the excitement of the new situation, and lean into it. By the very nature of doing this new thing, you are growing! And that is exciting. 

As you begin to grow curious about your feelings of excitement, you can also reframe your doubts. See if you can replace thoughts like: what if I mess up?

what do I get to learn from this experience

This reframe shifts you from fear of failure toward embracing the learning opportunities and possibilities of what’s to come. 

Next, go to your breath. Breathe deeply through your nose. Feel your belly expand on your inhale and contract on your exhale. This will automatically slow you down, calm your nerves, and hold you in the present moment so you can fully be in this awesome experience. (If you want to learn how to breathe properly, here’s our video on The One Simple Breath). 

Finally, take it one step at a time. This breaks your new task down into smaller parts, helps you stay present with the current step, and grounds you as you connect with your breath and your body. Taking that first step means you’re taking action and moving forward. 

You are doing it! Celebrate yourself and your decision to embrace the new. 

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