Here’s what makes you amazing

Nov 24, 2022
Jack enjoying the beach

Thank you for being a part of this community

And for the love you give yourself

Your self-love is what holds the world up,

You matter


Author Haruki Murakami suggests that rather than asking, What am I seeking? 

Ask yourself, Who would I be if I weren’t seeking anything?


Your desires are your playground 

They are what makes life meaningful

They are, however, not what makes you who you are.

Close your eyes and feel into you right now. 

The fact that you simply exist… that’s what makes you amazing. 


Thank you for being here. 


Love you, 



P.S. - This Thanksgiving table of nourishment, of strengths, and of resources, is created by our community in response to the prompt, How are you an anchor to others?

 Being calm

 I listen, I absorb, I reflect

 Through compassionate listening, seeking to understand

 Listening as deep and fully as I can with an open heart

 I help others be kind to themselves

 I help people feel safe to be themselves.

 I give them space

 I am calm, strong, and supportive

 Sharing myself freely and my own doubts and fears strengths and wisdom,

 I allow them to fly by staying on the ground waiting for their return

 I help others find their inner compass

 Showing up and being there

 Providing basics, food and shelter

 When I can reflecting their own words of wisdom

 Sharing what i’ve learned, whatever has brought me healing and joy

 I am a safe and secure landing spot

 Giving and receiving- massage, teaching,

 I hold down the truth, okay to be candid, rude, gut-honest.

 I provide a mirrorSo that they can see the good in themselves

Sharing my calm reliable voice smile food playfulness humor kindness my own joy laughter getting them outside love compliment honesty


Through this holiday season when you need a little reminder on how to plug into yourself and into the strength of your spiritual community, come back and read the above.


(much like this blog post!)