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healing lifestyle wellness Nov 02, 2020
I began teaching Kundalini Yoga earlier this year. Let me share how I got here...and the reverence for life that I've uncovered along the way.
Like many people, my journey of healing and self-discovery began during a time of desperation. Social anxiety, digestive issues, cystic acne, and a shaky sense of self were ways my body was saying, “Hey, something’s out of balance here. We love you, please help!”
I’m glad I listened.
As I eliminated toxins from my life and adopted the healthiest diet I could find, I still floundered. That’s when I discovered the more subtle aspects of healing, facilitated by Ayurvedic practices, breath work, strengthening the nervous system, and connecting with nature and the cycles of our planet.
What is healing, and how does it occur? I believe it’s a process of achieving a balanced, harmonious state within and without. In this state, the force that animates all of life can flow freely and do what it knows how to do: sustain life.
If health is not natural, is it actually health? Western medicine has its place, but it clearly falls short in teaching us how to truly care for ourselves. A country like the US lacks a time-tested philosophy and set of practices that support human health and wellbeing.
We lack a common system that’s self-empowering and considers the physical, mental, and energetic aspects of wellness. As a result, people are left spinning their wheels as they seek health, or have given up completely.
When I talk with fellow yogis who begin to fall in love with the practices of Kundalini Yoga, I tell them this:
“It’s not really about the practices. It’s about you. What you’re really excited about is this newfound energy that you’ve connected with. That energy is the essence of who you are. You’re falling in love with yourself!”
Kundalini Yoga gives us the tools to awaken life force energy and optimize our physiology to achieve health, creativity, discernment, and bliss--Who wouldn't want that?
If you haven't tried a class, or it's been awhile, come see how this type of yoga works for you. We have virtual Zoom classes 6 days a week and a library of experiential videos. If nothing else, I'm confident you'll find the company of the community refreshing.
With love and gratitude, 
Kelly teaches with HealedLovedFed Wednesdays at 5:30pm and Saturdays at 10am. To join her for class click here
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