How to accelerate your vision: the secret ingredient to calendaring

May 12, 2022
How to accelerate your vision: the secret ingredient to calendaring

I talk a lot about the importance of scheduling things you want to happen in your life into your calendar. In doing so, your dreams and desires are no longer just things you hope you can get to or experience someday. Calendaring the next steps that help you move towards your life and wellness goals makes them real.


You also get to see how your day will look, and you get to feel into them. Some of you might understand this as "muscle testing." To-do lists can do something similar, but what the calendar offers you that a to-do list can’t is the ability to see how you can shift your reality by shifting your schedule. It’s incredibly visual. You can see what doesn’t belong there. You can see your days unfold in front of you as you schedule things in. You can see what you’re saying yes to, aka the life you’re creating. 


Feelings are prayers to the Universe


Your feelings have the power to either deny or usher in the experiences you want to have in your life. Feelings accelerate into reality what you feel rather than what you want. Think about it. 


So pay close attention to how you feel when you envision your desires. Pay attention to your posture and the thoughts and stories you tell yourself. If what you find is less than ideal, rather than beating yourself up, celebrate your clarity! Yes, it’s that simple. You just got clear on a NO, or on a value you hold dear, or on your very next step. It’s telling you to redirect. You get to choose a different course, one that will support pure joy and inspiration for you. When you’re tapped into that, it increases clarity, energy, and willingness to delve into the unknown. The feeling you decide to dwell in is what calls out to the Universe to manifest more of. How about that? We all have this superpower, use it well!


Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll cover how to use feelings in your practice with gratitude as well as goal setting. The feelings you put behind goals and gratitude determine how you realize them in your life. 


In the meanwhile, consider adding to your daily practice the Meditation to Realize Your Power. Links are below. This meditation strengthens your arcline, which is associated with the halo. It’s considered the nucleus of your auric (electromagnetic) field. Your arcline processes what you take in, and your aura projects out your state of being. You might say that the arcline reads your surroundings and the aura influences your surroundings based on how you read and integrate them. The health of your arcline determines whether you’ll process information through a sense of well being, clarity, focus, and energy, or through doubt, fear, moodiness, self-consciousness, and lack of energy. This meditation can help you strengthen your arcline so that you can feel into your experiences in a way that benefits you and the world around you. This is your power. 


It’s not too late to join our 40 day morning practice to Realize Your Power. This meditation has two parts to it, and it takes just under 18 minutes to complete. When you practice this with me live, I take you through a “part 3” practice in using joy to activate and accelerate your goals and vision. This entire meditation process is a powerful primer for your day. 

If you’d rather practice this 2-part meditation on your own, here’s where to get the tutorial and practice video. While part 3 isn’t included here, you’ll get a “40 Days of Accomplishing Gold” checklist and journal that I strongly recommend using to keep you engaged in the process. Look out for the following articles that will go into some of the processes from part 3.


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