How to make your life magical. For free.

Mar 30, 2021
how to make your life magical. for free.

Your story is real. It made you who you are.

If you’ve survived your story, that means you’ve taken the steps to survive it, and you have something incredible to share. If you’ve survived some of it and are still working through the rest, you still have survived some of it and have those incredible pieces to share.

Stop making your story your burden and your excuse. Become the hero you were meant to be.

Step out of that story, use it as your cape, and show others the way out. Because there are people out there that are at least one step behind you that need your experience, your compassion, your proximity, and your light. Remember that the downside of “masters” is that they are often less relatable to those that find it hard to believe they can get there.

You may still feel incomplete, a little beat up and discouraged. To overcome those feelings, you may have tried a lot of things. But you’ve forgotten how far you’ve come. To really make the magic happen, what you may not have tried is letting go of your story as your burden, and instead picking it up as your adventure; your pathway. Once you do that, the universe conspires to help you, and your life simply becomes magical.  


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