How we chase wellness

Jan 20, 2022
How we chase wellness

Starting a new practice (or restarting an old one) doesn’t mean more work. It only feels like it because it pulls you out of auto-pilot and asks you to rearrange a few things, both in your schedule and mentally.

But that drawing out draws you IN to a more alert you. The you that’s inconvenienced, bothered, questioning, made to rethink, and hopefully a little excited about the journey and the promise of much less effort in the long run. Which opens the door to new possibilities.

If you’ve ever wanted some things to change in your life and you struggled to make them, it’s possible that getting drawn out may be the answer. The key is, once alert, don’t put yourself back into the familiar slumber. Let the call to figure things out deliver you towards that which you seek.

We constantly seek new tools and healing modalities. The auto-pilot is this: the new thing works briefly until it 'reaches its limit.' It gets hard or stops ‘fitting into your busy life right now.’ So you put it on hold and put the next new tool or old habit on the front burner, which work briefly until that reaches its limit, and so on. Imagine if we treated our job or relationships the same way.

Observe when your practice gets hard, scary, boring, or inconvenient. Note the challenge you’re negotiating away from. We have patterns of stopping at that same place and then moving on to the next new shiny tool instead of working through the tantrums and looking deep into our soul. We chase wellness instead of living it. And that, my friend, is more work.

Love, Savitree


P.S. -  our membership is discussing the the topic of chasing wellness tomorrow at noon cst. We discuss topics like this (support systems, stress & anxiety, etc) and how to use both yogic and lifestyle practices to harness them. We also start every morning with a half hour meditation to set the tone and intention for the day strong. Care to start living your wellness? We'll set you up. Learn more.

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