How yoga called on me to bring the sass

Mar 25, 2021
How yoga called on me to bring the sass

I LOVE CLOTHES. Let me start saying that. 

I used to do plus-sized runway modeling, and I’d get decent discounts for doing so. As my weight went up, I held on to some outfits with the hope I’d get back into them. It’s actually a bit shameful how many clothes I have. As I lost weight, I realized I didn’t like some of the clothes I’d been hanging onto and decided to get rid of a lot of them. I ended up giving away about 16 garbage bags full of clothes-- and I still have a ROOM (not closet, but ROOM) full of clothes. 

Did I say I love clothes? 

As I began losing weight and getting more and more into yoga, I stopped looking at clothes I could only wear for work or church. When I was larger, I wore mostly black, “roomy” clothes to give the illusion of being smaller. Now, I'm obsessed with getting loud, colorful leggings, Nike onesies, yoga wrap tops that clearly accentuate my curves, tees with clever or inspirational sayings, colorful Zumba headbands, etc. 

One day last month, I was organizing my wardrobe and realized I had quite a few items that still had tags on them. I looked sadly at the dress I had purchased to wear for Easter last year. It still has the tags and is unworn. I looked at my fancy-schmancy, glittery New Year’s pants that I got thinking COVID might be over by the end of 2020. I never wore them. I had been so excited to wear them when the world opened back up…

...but then I thought, what am I saving them for? 

Who says I can’t wear glittery pants to work? 

Who says I have to wait for a special occasion to dress how I want? 

I don my new loud and colorful workout clothes for zoom classes. Why can’t I wear my glittery New Year’s pants for the next family zoom call or to work tomorrow?

If COVID has taught me anything, it's to celebrate the NOW. Wear the outfit NOW. Pull out the good china TONIGHT, even if all you’re having is a sandwich. 

Stop holding out for “the right time” and create the moments NOW. 

Tomorrow, I’ll be the sassy one at work with the glittery pants. Evaluate what brings you joy and then DO THE THINGS. 

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