When you feel alone, this is what you do

Dec 23, 2021

Remember that...

  • you are loved.
  • there are people out there who are happy to see you.
  • there are people who, even if they don’t reach out, are thinking about you. 
  • you are important enough to take up a lot more space than you currently are. 
  • the desert is only in your mind. 


Others also don’t remember these things about themselves

  • Which is why we don’t reach out to each other. 
  • So we think we’re alone. 
  • But we’re not. 
  • We are loved.


Love, Savitree


P.S. Rather than keeping to yourself, consider reaching out to others right when you think of them. Don't even wait til you feel better or are less busy. Text, email, phone call, whatever feels most appropriate in the moment. Let them know. Find something to say.

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