It's been 3 years

Mar 14, 2023
It's been 3 years

Over the last two weeks, the topic of 2020 has been coming up in my classes and work with clients. It’s no wonder, it was 3 years ago this week when the world shut down.

We all faced abrupt change and uncertainty. We faced fears and anxieties, learned how to use zoom, went for walks, and pulled the board games and puzzles out of the closet (and in the process pulled everything out of the closet because - hey, might as well clean it out).  For many, Brené Brown and other therapists normalized the concept of holding opposing feelings at the same time, i.e. I’m anxious about covid, but feel relieved that I can work from home (and that I have a job where I can work from home). 

Collectively, we experienced loss. Loss of life, loss of health, loss of livelihood, loss of relationships. Loss of physical touch, loss of work, loss of place of business, loss of connection. 

Perhaps you also experienced space in your life. Space for reflection, to spend meaningful time with family, to experience boredom, to amend your priorities, to connect with others in new ways, to take on new hobbies, or adopt a beloved pet.

So much has happened in these last few years. And what we're experiencing now is a result of it. I’m not trying to distill it down to capture it all here. Instead, I’m offering this as an opportunity for reflection. We have these moments in our lives that give us pause - it could be the change of season, your birthday or anniversary, or the beginning of a new year. Taking time to reflect helps you to honor yourself, and prepare for what’s ahead.

When you breathe, there is a slight pause at the top of your inhale and the bottom of your exhale where there is simply stillness. You may not be aware it’s even happening. It’s in that pause where you can just be for a moment. 

Taking pause for reflection is similar. In this pause, you can be. You get to notice how you feel about your experiences. Maybe you tune into the pause and linger there a bit longer. Dwell in this space and when you're ready, ask yourself/ journal (feel free to linger as long as you need on any of these prompts):

  • What do I need to grieve? 
  • What am I ready to celebrate?
  • What habits from the last 3 years am I carrying with me into this year?
  • What have I stopped doing in the last 3 years that I want to experience again? 
  • What am I proud of? 

Life gets busy and it can be easy to continually move on to the next experience, appointment, job etc. But when you’re always moving, you don’t give yourself space to be, to reflect, to honor the journey that you’re on. This week, I invite you to give yourself a moment for reflection. Sit with your journal, go for a walk in a beautiful place without your phone, answer and discuss these prompts with a loved one. Give yourself space, and a big hug. 

With love and gratitude,

P.S. Here's a pic of a habit I picked up in the spring of 2020 and have consistently held since then - bread making! I love the process of making bread, and eating it of course, but I also love to share it with others. 


(much like this blog post!)