Key to a fulfilled life

May 13, 2021
key to a fulfilled life

I’ve worked with a ton of clients over the years, and the ones that reached the results they were hoping for -and beyond- had ONE thing in common. 

They practiced yoga & meditation daily, come hell or high water, as they say.

The kriya or meditation we chose together had something to do with it for sure, but more importantly, the daily practice gave them the grit and constancy to make their life amazing TO THEM.


It will work for you too. 


Outside the better known benefits of yoga and meditation...

You get to experience the subtleties of the same practice, day after day, at the same time of day. 

When you get to experience that, it opens you up to subtleties beyond your meditation cushion, which is a real superpower.

Your practice starts speaking to you as you sink into the groove of the daily practice. It will tell you what’s going on with you and what you need.

The practice of not negotiating whether or not today’s a good day to practice, in itself, builds your energy tank in such a way that it’s self generating. 

The mind becomes trained to lean into what’s good for you without the drama. 

And your day starts to favor activities that will continue to support a successful daily practice... which in turn supports your day 


You begin to love your life.

It just happens that way.


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