Let boredom EXCITE you

Jan 31, 2023
Let boredom excite you

There’s an excitement that comes with doing something new. Once you’ve decided to start your new meditation practice, fitness program, meal plan, class, crafting project, relationship… you get to imagine the possibilities of what comes with it. Imagining, planning and preparing for those possibilities and your lifestyle change IS playful and fun!

There’s an element of fun through self-discovery that you may be missing out on. It’s when you get bored and you do the thing anyway. I think we’ve all been there. You join the gym, the studio, or download the app, maybe buy a new outfit or shoes and you follow your plan the first week, and the second, and then… something happens. But that’s life - whenever you set out to do something new - something always happens

Know this, and make the decision to continue anyway. When you feel bored, when you feel challenged, don’t stop. Give yourself the opportunity to practice through the challenges. When you get bored, sit with the boredom (how often are you able to be bored these days?). It’s in this space where you get to grow and experience the juiciness of your new practice. You get to notice the thoughts and feelings that emerge as you are fully engaged in your experience. Maybe you feel provoked, blissed out, irritated, sad or joyful. Let yourself feel that. Have your tantrums. Get frustrated! Feel like you can’t do it a moment longer and do it one more moment. 

In the words of Andy Warhol, “You need to let little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.” Get excited about being bored, and find out what’s waiting for you on the other side. 

With love,

P.S. Here’s a challenge. Commit to practicing the One Simple Breath 3 minutes daily for the next 40 days. Spend 1 minute journaling how you feel at the end of each meditation. On day 40 journal what you learned about yourself through this experience.


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