Letting go of the tyranny of the mind

Jul 07, 2022
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Here's the good news: Your body is so, so incredibly intelligent

The bad news: You don’t trust it as much as you should


Most of the answers for a good, peaceful life are stored in your body, not your head. All the reasoning that happens after your initial gut level sense is your head remembering what happened in the past, the fear of the future, how hurt you were about something, how you failed at that thing, how you won’t be able to pull that off, and how there’s no time to waste on stuff that might bring you joy. After all, there’s family to take care of, money to be made, and healing to be had



It’s no wonder so many say they don’t trust themselves.


So keep on holding that breath while you search for the magical solution. Remind yourself how lucky, realistic, and practical you are, and don’t bother trying to access that deep wisdom and intelligence that your heart, gut, and muscles already hold for you. You’re too busy to listen to yourself right now. Your ego will keep you safe, away from the dangers of the unknown aka what your body and Soul are yearning for you, so much so that they are making you feel inconvenienced and uncomfortable. Wash them down with your favorite soft addiction and you’ll get nods of support from everyone else who wants you to stay safe.




Love, Savitree

P.S. It’s fashionable for people these days to say that meditation isn’t about emptying your mind. Oh but it is. It’s the only way to convert that tyrant into a servant to your Soul. It takes practice. But it’s worth trying again and again. Because you have all the answers within you to do what you need to do. They're just not in your head.


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