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balance energy meditation Aug 31, 2021

We have 8 energy centers, or chakras.

Actually, we have more than 8, but the first 8 make the first octave. The first 7 are located in your physical body, and the 8th - the magnetic field - surrounds your entire physical body.

These energy centers govern how we perceive and respond to life.

From the first through the 8th, here's what each energy center governs

  1. your sense of security. Security can be about your next meal or the roof over your head, but it also comes in the form of acceptance and feeling a part of a tribe. Do you feel secure that you are loved, and will continue to be accepted, if or when you show up fully yourself?
  2. your creativity and sexuality. This has to do with trust, boundaries, presence, and play. When this center is balanced, you've created the container that holds your sacred personal space, inter-relationships, and allows for playfulness with the world. Tension and rigidity melts and at the same time you've befriended the powerful and unapologetic NO.
  3. your personal power and will. When you're out of balance, you're in under-drive or over-drive. If you're in under-drive, you tend to get lost in the desires and agendas of those that are in overdrive. If you're in overdrive, you tend to manipulate and take advantage of others to do your bidding. When you're balanced, you stay on track with your own projects, follow your sense of purpose, and can discern between yours and the work of others. And you inspire others to collaborate with you under mutual benefit.
  4. your ability to connect with universal love and compassion. This energy center impacts your ability to connect with your own Truth and make decisions from the neutral mind. Neutral mind doesn't mean you're a robot. It means you can take the potentialities that come from the positive mind and the service offered by the negative mind without becoming gullible or afraid and get clear on the right path for you in real time. It's no accident that the 4th energy center - the heart center - comes between the 3rd (our navel center, the seat of our power) and the 5th, the throat center...
  5. the expression of your will. Your expression - how you manifest your will onto the world - has to move from your navel center through your heart center. Chronic imbalance of this center can manifest in sore throats, lost voices, thyroid issues, neck pain, and unmanifested dreams & frustrations.
  6. your ability to see beyond the superficial and know what's really happening before you. This is your intuition, you super-sense (that said, these all are) .Fine-tuned, it becomes the one that never fails you. Even your eyes will tell you the Earth is flat when it's round...
  7. your ability to feel and see the inter-connectedness between us, all sentient beings, the planet, and Cosmos. This strongly informs the lens through which you make your decisions. Do your thoughts ripple out creating devastating or miraculous cause and effect into the world?
  8. your ability to feel your emotions deeply and at the same time not get lost in them. When balanced, everything is information that empowers you to know how to pivot or stay in the current game. When this center is weak, you're more vulnerable to fear, anxiety, and depression. The super-powers you were born with get buried deep until you can unleash them and project them out through your super-wide auric field.

There's an ashtang (8-sound) mantra that takes care of ALL of this

And it's called the Long Ek Ong Kar, or Morning Call.

Do this along with the Pranayam Energizer Series: a series of breath exercises that work to expand your pranic body - prana meaning life force - and you're set.

The two meditations practiced back-to-back takes just under 20 minutes, and it's a powerful way to start each day. Morning practice sets the tone for your day, and it's critically important to start the day in your own skin and set your mind to support your victory each day and throughout your life. Our minds tend to control us and make us crazy if not managed in some loving, beautiful, committed way. This is it.
Practicing it for at least 40 days straight is another supertol: it creates a habit that your mind-body can now easily access.

If you're interested in doing this, go here. We'll send you the video tutorials on how to practice these meditations as well as a video to practice along with me daily in case you'd rather not keep the time.

Love, Savitree


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