Mm! Mmmm mmmm mmmm! (great ways to say thank you)

Nov 24, 2021
Ways to say thank you


Sometimes starting with “I am grateful for….” doesn’t get my body in touch with the true gratitudes I have for things. It may be because it’s such a thing now, and I find myself doing it rote. 

So instead, when looking at the food I’m about to eat, I take a moment to smell the food and enjoy the colors, and then put it in my mouth and say,  “Mmm! Mmm mmm mmm!” with my entire body. This is how I say thank you. 

Same with people. I see someone I know and I smile with my whole heart. If it’s appropriate, I give them a big hug. 



I often contemplate what I have. 

With the things I have, I give them care and enjoyment time. 

With the people I’m blessed with, I make sure I schedule time with them. I officially put them into my calendar. Coffee, a walk, or both. 

I don’t say I’m too busy. I schedule them in. This is what makes all the difference in my life. The busyness gets condensed because I have to get my work done before my walk with my friend. 



I make time for the communities that feed my Spirit. 

We are swimming in a “natural” community - our society - that doesn’t really do that, so it’s critical to find this connection somewhere good, somewhere intentional, somewhere simultaneously grounding and elevating. My communities keep me connected so that I can continue to be grateful. So that I have support, accountability, inspiration, and power behind me. 

Have you ever given someone a gift who looks at it, says thanks, puts it aside, and the experience for you was like, meh. And after a couple more experiences like that, you’re not so excited to continue gifting that person? You still might, but simply out of obligation or fairness. 

While the Universe is unconditionally giving, that’s how you experience the Universe when you can’t fully find space for your joy and the connections you’re blessed with to keep the juicyness flowing. When someone says, “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!” with their entire being, you know you want to give them more. Same back at you. 


Say thank you with your entire being. And make the time. 


See you in the morning. Set your alarm if you have to. 

Set up your yoga mat and cushion tonight, and some water, so all you really need to do is roll out of bed and onto your yoga mat. 


Here’s the zoom registration link. Be there or be square. 




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