Negotiating about self-care? Stop it.

Sep 13, 2022
Negotiating about self care? Stop it.

If you find yourself negotiating about self-care, and spend hours thinking about and researching what’s the best [fill in the blank], and when’s the best time to start your new ritual…


Just stop it. (I’m serious, stop it.)


Close all of those tabs you have open on your phone, on your laptop, and in your mind. 

Let go of the negotiations, the what should I do, the when should I start it, the self-critical thoughts about not following through in the past, about getting bored, about forgetting. 

Let it go. Clear the slate. This is your fresh start. 


Let’s keep it super simple. Start your self-care practice today, right now, with this meditation. 

  • Slowly inhale through your nose and mentally chant Sa Ta Na Ma
  • Suspend your breath and mentally chant Sa Ta Na Ma
  • Slowly exhale through your nose and mentally chant Sa Ta Na Ma
  • Suspend your breath out and mentally chant Sa Ta Na Ma
  • Close your eyes and repeat this breath for 3 minutes.  

To finish, inhale deeply through your nose, suspend your breath, exhale completely, and relax your breath. 

Next, take a moment with your eyes closed, to notice how you feel in your mind, in your body, in your soul. Take a minute to write it down. 

This whole practice takes less than 5 minutes and produces immediate results. You just experienced it. Put this on repeat, add it to your calendar as a daily event. Set a reminder to help you. Use your journal entries as your coaching support. When you feel bored, or frustrated, or just need a feel-good moment - scan through your journal and use it to motivate you to keep up. 

Use meditation as the foundation for your self-care practice. 

Use it to serve you and everything else in your life. It’s that powerful. 


With love,



(much like this blog post!)