Protect yourself with this

Jan 11, 2022
Protect yourself with this

Your Aura… your eighth chakra, or energy center.

Your force field, your energetic protection and projection. It extends nine feet in all directions, keeping negativity away from you. 

In my second Kundalini Yoga class, I came to understand the aura and to use yoga and meditation to strengthen it. At the time, I was breaking down, desperate, emotionally saturated, burned out, and stressed out. Knowing that I could strengthen my aura was a game changer. I set out on my first 40 day practice with the Kriya to Strengthen the Aura. In those 40 days, I could feel the difference. I felt stronger and protected. I released long held tension and chronic pain in my neck. I began to gain confidence and to know and trust myself. 

Through exercises, yoga sets and meditations, you have options to build and strengthen your aura. I’ll share two with you here. 

This movement will give you a quick boost and make you feel strong and expansive in one to three minutes: 

  • Sit in easy pose with our legs crossed, or come to standing with your feet firmly planted into the earth and about shoulder’s width apart
  • Bring your hands into venus lock by interlacing your fingers and pressing your thumb into the web
  • Inhale and raise your arms up, exhale and bring them down
  • Breath and move powerfully for 1-3 minutes while visualizing your aura growing and strengthening, rippling out and away from you

You can also use mantra meditation.

The 29th Pauri of Japji (the Song of the Soul) is a shield of protection. Meditating with it protects you and eliminates those who wish to harm you.
The first line of this pauri invites you to nourish yourself with spiritual wisdom. 
Because it all starts with what you consume. From there you’re strengthening yourself from the inside out and projecting that strength through your aura. 

Using meditation cultivates wisdom, inner knowing and confidence. From there, you can expand your field and project your confidence and wisdom, protecting you from harm. 
Through this, you’ll have the confidence, wisdom and projection to go anywhere you desire. 
You can navigate any situation because you’ll know exactly what to do and say. You repel negativity and anything that doesn't serve you. 

Author Jim Rohn writes about the power in fearlessly walking down any street. Not because you're a badass who can fight anyone or anything, but because you have the confidence and wisdom to handle any situation. He said,

 “Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.

You are gaining this through your practice, every time you sit on your mat. 

With love,

P.S. In our Love Your Life membership, we have monthly gatherings where we meditate and discuss one of the Japji Pauris. The 29th Pauri is our focus this month. These discussions are always deep and connective and you don’t need to be familiar with Japji to attend. It's a powerful way to deepen your understanding and connection with your practice. Learn more about Love Your Life here. 

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