Remember yourself

Jan 26, 2023
sloth in Manuel Antonio National Park


In the midst of everything going on in our lives, what makes us most vulnerable, afraid, anxious, hectic, isolated, irritated, and exhausted isn’t the busyness of everything. It’s that we’ve stopped trusting in ourselves. We’ve stopped trusting ourselves because we keep letting ourselves down. We keep telling ourselves to wait, and that timeline keeps moving further back, by us, no one else. We are amazingly responsible and accountable to everyone and everything else, except to ourselves. 



This breaks your heart, and you feel it in all parts of your body and mind. Perhaps you’re too busy or distracted to notice most of the time. But that feeling of malaise nags. While you have the ability to heal from stress or trauma faster than you can imagine, the longer you wait, the deeper the climb out. 


So stop waiting. 


Remember you. 


Because without you, not only will you feel far from your joy and power, you teach others around you that that’s okay for you. And it’s not okay


Hold your focus on the stuff you see as beauty, opens you up, brings you joy, and sparks you to be yourself. This means you'll take a mix of easy and hard actions, from taking walks in nature, to enjoying a simple phone call with a friend, and taking the time to sit and sip your favorite tea, to waking up early to meditate, to asking for and utilizing support, and saying NO despite the grief you get back (retrain them). 


You’ll start trusting yourself again; get back your most valuable, powerful ally and friend who’s been with you since the beginning of time: YOU. This is all it takes. 

Love, Savitree 

P.S. - the reason why we are so magnetized by nature - the sun, waters, mountains, and animals is because they are full of life force; and so do we yearn to be. Our own nature wants to connect with all of nature, to experience that bond, because it delivers a great sense of peace and wholeness. We find strength and Joy here. Connect with nature out there as often as you can, and connect with the most accessible, portable one of all - your highest, untameable, core Self - through meditation + contemplation. Because you are nature too: lush and filled with curiosity and mystery as the forest, fluid and powerful as the ocean, bright and warm as the sun, and completely necessary to this world. Your nature - your most authentic Self - is waiting for you, and through your deepest desires, has been calling  on you. If you’re interested in a 6 week power-process to get you there, waitlist here.


(much like this blog post!)