Set it, so you won't forget it

Aug 02, 2022
Set it so you won't forget it

Remember those infomercials with Ron Popeil where he’d put the chicken in the rotisserie oven, close the door and say “set it, aaaand forget it.” It was such a great tagline that the audience began saying it, followed by his reply, “it’s as simple as that folks.” 


I’m going to flip this up as it relates to habits. Set it, so you won’t forget it. 


Healthy habits support your well-being, enhance self-efficacy, improve your confidence, self-esteem, and knowledge of self. When you commit to a goal, the habits you create to achieve your goal will support you, making your goal attainable. It’s the small daily actions that get you there. 


Each time you follow through on your habits, you remind yourself that you’re worth the commitment and you are consistent, all while strengthening your mental/emotional/spiritual muscles through your daily habit practice. 


This follow-through shifts your internal dialogue. For example, if your internal narrative is “I’m inconsistent, I lack follow through, I’m a great starter but a poor finisher”, simply practicing your habit daily will challenge those statements and transform them into “I am consistent, I follow through on my commitments, I’m a great starter and a strong finisher.”  


Oh Yea!  Totally different messaging. 


Capitalize on the sun energy of August and use this energy to help you build your reserves for the months ahead. What activity could you put into practice now that would give you more energy, more clarity, more strength and focus in December? 


How about implementing a daily meditation practice? (It will give you all of those things plus the increased self-efficacy, confidence, self-esteem and knowledge - just sayin!)


Here’s how to set yourself up to make it as simple as possible (and set it so you WON’T forget it!):  

  1. Decide what time you want to meditate in the morning and put it in your calendar as Gold time. I recommend first thing in the morning so you can start your day with, and for, yourself. Our Morning Maven Club gathers Monday through Friday from 6-6:30am cst to practice together live, on Zoom. 
  2. Decide what you’re going to practice and commit to practicing it every day for 40 days. If you’re joining us in the morning, we just started our new 40 day meditation yesterday so it’s a great time to join us. We take the guesswork out of what to practice, and show you how to do it right. 
  3. The night before, set your space. Roll out your mat and set your meditation cushion. Place your water. Have your device set up and logged into zoom (if you’re joining us). Set your alarm so you have time to use the bathroom and brush your teeth before you meditate. 
  4. Get up when your alarm goes off, no snoozing! Meditate, then celebrate that you’ve accomplished your new habit!
  5. Repeat daily for 40 days.

This process works for any new habit. 

The key is knowing why you’re doing it, committing to it by scheduling it in your calendar, preparing the night before, and following through no matter what. 

By the end of 40 days you’ll have a new habit established, and you can stack in other habits (more on this later) making yourself unstoppable! 

You can do this!



P.S. What habit are you committing to start today?

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