Shake up your day with something new

Nov 30, 2021

When you wake up in the morning, consider your first thoughts. If you’re feeling dread, sad, lonely, disconnected and have to hoist yourself out of bed and force yourself into your day… that colors your day. Creating a new morning ritual can shift how you feel first thing in the morning, and throughout your day.

A few years ago, I didn’t like how my day began - with an abrupt start, alarm blaring, heart pounding, and springing into action. I often felt like I started my day like I was already running late! I made a decision to do something new, and start my day in a more gentle way. When my alarm went off, I inhaled deeply and began to massage my feet. This immediately helped me to slow down, get into my body, focus on my breathing and feelings of gratitude for my feet, breath and body. After a few minutes of massage, I slowly got up and moved to my mat to begin my practice. What a shift that created!

I didn’t trust myself to remember this new way of waking up so my new ritual began the night before with me reminding myself to massage my feet in the morning. I even changed my alarm to say “Massage feet” so I wouldn’t forget, but as this ritual became a habit, I no longer needed the reminder. Beginning my day with this one simple act meant carrying tenderness and self-love with me throughout the rest of my day.

Changing your morning routine can help you approach your day with a renewed attitude and energy, you may even feel energized and at ease. Here are some suggestions, choose one and try it on for a week: 

  • You can start simply with the Meditation for Focus & Sweetness. Practice this as soon as you wake up, while sitting up or lying in bed. This meditation connects you into your pulse and your truth. It helps you respond rather than react.
  • Take our 40 day challenge. When you sign up, you'll receive the tutorial and practice videos. Start by practicing every morning for the next week. The practice takes about 30 minutes.

Sometimes, you need a boost during your day to break up your routine and create a mental & emotional shift. If so, try three minutes of the Last Resort Meditation. This is a go-to when nothing else works. The mantra works fast to get you out of your head.

Choose one of these options and practice for one week. Notice how you feel throughout your day upon waking, at 10am, 12pm, 3pm, 5pm and bedtime. Make a quick note in your phone or journal and review at the end of the week. To make this a habit, practice for 40 days, continue to notice how you feel at the suggested times. It will give you important feedback and motivation to continue.

The small subtle daily changes add up and make big differences over time.
With love,


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