Slow start: you might be someone that needs this

Aug 23, 2021

I used to launch myself out of bed in the morning as soon as my alarm went off. I blame this on years of being oncall and waking to the horrid sound of my pager going off. When I heard that sound, my heart started pounding and I was out of bed and on the phone in a blink. I prided myself on sounding “awake” even though I was fast asleep only moments earlier. I continued to wake up this way for years after my oncall days. It was a habit. In my home, we call this the fast start to the day. 

Fast start is jarring. It’s like starting the day with a jerk. 
That energy stuck with me throughout the day.
Not cool. 

I grew tired of it and found a way to wake up differently. I shifted my habit by setting an intention the night before to have a slow start. It didn’t take long to make the switch. 

Now, I prefer a slow start. Waking up and stretching. Lying in bed and feeling grateful. Connecting with my breath. Reciting mantra (I often wake up with Mul Mantra already running through my mind). 

I take my time and greet the day. It’s slow, intentional, gracious and gentle. 
Starting this way allows me to carry this gentle energy with me throughout my day. 
A small shift made a huge difference. 


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