The 3 ways to stop feeling trapped and get what you crave

Mar 23, 2021
Stop feeling trapped, get what you crave

It sucks to feel trapped. I know, I felt it for a long time. I was shackled by the roles and responsibilities I thought I had to the life I created (from the outside looking in anyway). When I finally let go of them, I discovered freedom… until I found myself in a relationship that threatened to make me feel trapped again, and I realized I fell into the same trap. 

Each of those times, I realized that I leaned into the safety and comfort of protecting what I thought I had attained, instead of leaning into the gift and adventure of what I had before me. 

By choosing safety and not allowing myself to believe that I can take what I had to the edge, I wasn’t living honestly. Ultimately, my choices didn’t feel safe. Nor did they feel like mine anymore. 

That’s what it means to get trapped. 

Feeling trapped or feeling free - they both start with a decision to relate to something in a certain way. 

Or, they can start with how you move (or don’t move) your body. 

Remember that your body is your one vehicle through which you move through this lifetime. 

Which means your decisions and your body move in the same direction. 

It works this way because both your decisions and your bodies (physical, mental, emotional bodies) affect your physiology… which in turn affects your decisions and your bodies. 


  • A decision that isn’t aligned with your personal truth limits how you move your body.
    When I make the wrong decisions for myself, and I dwell there, I tend not to take my body to the edge in my practice; not even close. Which impacts future decisions, which turns around and impacts how I move my body.
  • Limiting your body limits how you make decisions. Likewise, when you take your body to the edge and vary your practice, you’re able to access the same in your decisions.
    When I take my body to the edge - to where I feel alive, challenged, and present - my internal systems rev up to take my life there as well.  


That’s why it’s so important that your practices, both on the mat and off, make you feel things. That’s why the edge is so important. 

It’s the most effective way to feed your spiritual hungers and find the freedom that you crave. 

By hungers, I mean the ones we all have that makes us feel truly alive: the hunger to matter, to feel heard and seen, to make a difference, to love and be loved


Here are the 3 things you need to do to stop feeling trapped and get what you crave:  


  1. Move your body. Really move it. Don’t just do the familiar thing that you can do without thinking about it. Strangely enough, we all want to groove on autopilot. But we don’t actually groove on autopilot, which is why I think we often feel duped.
    The benefit of attending class, btw, is that the instructor isn’t in your head or your body, which means she’ll take you to places you may not choose on your own, and you’ll have to push “against” them.
    Push your body to the edge where it’s uncomfortable but not overwhelming. Where you can still breathe with your mouth closed but barely. Where your mind stays alive. 

  2. Take your mind to the edge through meditation. Sit daily through the noise with patience and love, merging your thoughts into your conscious breath or mantra. Eventually your mind will surrender to the wisdoms of your gut and heart and create the mental stillness and space for the peace you’ve been craving.

  3. Make the clean choices that feel so uncomfortable but are so right for you (you know what they are). Insist on finding the words to express yourself no matter how long it takes. I’ve had things take weeks, and even months, to articulate, and once I did, I had a breaththrough in that particular relationship. When you choose not to do that, your discomfort gets stuffed somewhere in your body (you’ll know by where it hurts) and it’ll come out sideways and unconsciously.
    You might pull one over on yourself mentally, but others can always feel the wall, and so can your physical body.
    So make the clean choice and move through that discomfort, because that choice will always deliver the authentic YOU and attract the right people in your life. A good tip is to be willing to make the mistakes that will inevitably happen with this practice. Count on grace (it’s always there) to turn those mistakes into gold.   


The more you practice pushing yourself to the edge each day, the less trapped you’ll feel. This is because the on-the-mat off-the-mat practice combo builds your internal fire. And that fire feeds your cravings. 

Kundalini Yoga and meditation is an effective practice that not only moves your body, it creates the perfect kind of pressure that loosens your blocks, builds strength, creates clarity, and unleashes the infinite potentiality that you’re made of. A conscious community built of people like you elevates your sense of possibility and makes it much easier to enjoy the journey, making it much easier to sustain the good things that you’ve got. 


(much like this blog post!)