Do you get bored doing the same daily practice?

Dec 16, 2021
Struggle to do the same practice every day?

If you get bored with practice without variety, consider this:

  1. In boredom, you get to figure out how to quiet the tantrums away from the immediate threats and vulnerabilities that life can present.

  2. In this quiet boredom - quiet but your mind - you have the luxury to keep bringing your mind back to the moment and witnessing yourself tightening and loosening up your judgments without the distractions of every other part of your day or even the variables of different practice every day.

  3. You get to watch the ego gradually surrender and anchor into the higher part of yourself that first brought you to this practice. 

  4. You get to have this one “boring” daily constant practice ground you, soothe your nervous system, and open up to all the potentialities - which is a great gift of boring. 

  5. You get to save your negotiative and creative energy for the continuous and nonstop variety, challenge, and volatility of life.

  6. “Boring” is the container in which you get to know yourself better because it is your constant. It’s the container that supports creativity rather than reactivity, and therefore freedom.  


Happy Boredom!

Love, Savitree


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