Struggling to wake up these days? Here's what to do

Dec 14, 2021
Struggling to wake up these days? Here's what to do

If you’re struggling this time of year and feeling tired, struggling to wake up, get moving or shake off sleepiness, you’re not alone. It’s darker, colder, and bed is oh so cozy. While this is a time for more reflection and rest, it’s also crucial to keep up with your routine and daily rituals. 

Here are three suggestions to help with this:

  1. Wake up before 6am. It balances your circadian rhythm, increases energy and elevates mood. 
  2. Practice right nostril breathing with either long deep breathing or breath of fire. Both will boost your energy and give you a clear and focused mind. Breath of fire gives an additional boost of heat and activates the digestive fire. 
  3. Go outside and experience the morning sun. Taking a few deep breaths or a quick walk around the block will stimulate your circulatory system, balance your circadian rhythm and elevate your mood. It can be easy to stay indoors this time of year, especially if you work from home. Make it a point to go outside for fresh air and sunlight.

Try one or all three of these suggestions and remember, after the Winter Solstice, we’ll start to have a little more sun every day!


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