The making of a successful habit change

Aug 18, 2022
inside a car wash

I used to be terrible with names. Until one day I got tired of hearing myself say that. It got me wondering if I was just excusing myself from “bothering” to learn people’s names. So I stopped identifying with it, and I decided that I was good with names. Like I’m good with faces. 


I’m good with faces because I pay attention to them when I meet them. I’m good with names because I bother to remember their names. I write them down, I remember where I wrote them down, and then I bother to refer to my notes so that when I see them again, I remember their names! 


It’s so much easier to create new habits once our identification with old habits change. 


The name thing is one such example of an identification change. Here are some identifications and habits I changed over the last two decades…

  • I’m not a morning person 
  • I can’t function without my morning coffee 
  • I have a terrible memory 
  • I don’t like to cook, and I don't have the time
  • I’m very busy
  • I’m really bad at...

So if you say, “I’m not a runner, I really don’t like to run, but I’ll try…” then the run will be hard. 

If you say, I’m not a morning person, but I’ll try to get up to meditate. If I get up not tired, then I know it’s meant to be… then the chances of you ever making it, let alone turning it into a new habit, is slim.  


On the other hand, if you say, I’ve decided. I’m a morning person. This is what I'll do to be one. 

Or if you ask yourself, what can I do to make this happen for me? That’s an entirely different energy, one that leans into a desired habit with curiosity, flexibiliity, and willingness. It’s the key to successfully changing habits. 

I’m still at it because I’ve got lots to change. 
The story I’m changing today? Marketing, ugh!  My new story is that I love marketing. It’s how I get to connect with the world and make a difference.

What story have you been telling yourself that holds you back? 

Love, Savitree

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