The myth of one singular event: I'll wake up one day and know...

May 05, 2022
The Myth of One Singular Event

People want to know how to be happy

They want to know their life purpose

They want to know when it’s their time to do their thing


As if one day, in one singular moment, it will come to them 

They’ll wake up and they’ll know 

Or they’ll take a short quiz

Or have a session with a life coach

Or sit in meditation

And it will be revealed  


Intellectually they know this isn’t true

But they act like it is

Because they try things for a short period and the singular event doesn’t happen

They stop short when the real work is about to happen

And they say it isn’t working


Maybe deep inside they know what the wise ones have always said

That happiness is the path

Instead of desperation to make something happen (it only leads to more desperation, have you noticed?)

That life purpose is multiple, ongoing, and ever-changing

And the time to do your thing is now

Instead of after the kids have grown, or that project is over, or you get out of debt, or after your headache goes away


Because the world will always want as much of your time as you are willing to give and more

And you get to decide how much of it you’ll give

You start to feel purposeful when you become a better steward of your own time

And your ongoing, ever-changing life purposes have a common thread: to feel more like you


And when you fall, because we all do from time to time

You don’t have to break

You can bounce 



Love, Savitree


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