Risk-taking has the stronger safety net

Sep 14, 2021

The shitstorms we experience in our lives call on us to take inventory of what we don’t want and what we do want. 

And then we get to make a change. 

Change doesn’t happen by being polite, listening to others at our own expense, or taking months or years to figure out how to move forward with as many nods as possible. It happens because we decided to follow our own path and play it big. 

That’s what we call our Dharma. Living our truth. 

Doing so takes a bit of courage because our truth goes against what we’re taught (to play it safe, nice, and practical), and it goes against other people’s sense of comfort… at least until you get to the other side… then you’re an inspiration.  

That’s why it feels risky. 

But there is a safety net, one that doesn’t exist, at least as strongly, as when we don’t live our Dharma. Which is why we fall deeper into depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. 

That safety net is called Grace. 

You’re expected to fail (aka make mistakes) throughout your journey. That’s what it means to live (aka take risks). Those mistakes allow you to grow and see clearly where you can do things differently to quickly chisel your way closer to your truth. It takes riding fear, allowing for heartbreaks, continuous questioning of self, and massive celebrations to get there. 

Grace corrects the errors for you. Rather than turning them into more shitstorms, it transforms those errors into gold. And it strengthens your sense of self. 

Trust the process.

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