To be loved

Jun 07, 2022
To be loved

To be loved. To be affirmed. To be respected. 

These examples of Spiritual Hungers relate to “Appreciation of our Existence.” Spiritual Hungers are hungers or needs that lie beneath every emotion. Everyone experiences these hungers. They offer you valuable insights that support you in addressing your needs, better understanding yourself and why you’re feeling or reacting the way that you are. The goal is to identify and address your hunger and feed your soul, not to eliminate all of your hungers. 

Keep this guide handy by printing it or saving it to your desktop for easy reference. 


When you’re feeling upset, or you’re reacting to a situation and thinking “where the heck did that come from?” check your Spiritual Hungers. There’s no right or wrong here. Look at the list and notice what stands out to you. Perhaps you identify that your hunger is to be loved. The next step is to nourish yourself and attend to your hunger…


What do you need? What will fill your tank? Maybe you’ll journal about what this hunger means to you and brainstorm ways to feed your soul. Maybe you need to give yourself a hug or kiss your hand, or hug your dog - we know they’ll give you kisses! Perhaps you’re needing time with yourself to meditate, or brush your hair, or practice abhyanga (self massage). Do you need to connect with a loved one and share your hunger with them? Yes, that’s vulnerable, but also very connective! Letting someone know what you need can foster a deeper relationship. 

You’ve got options. I think of this as having a chest filled with tools to nourish our spiritual hungers. Sometimes you feel restored from meditating, but other times you need to connect with someone who cares about you. Listening to what you need will help you know which tool to select. 


Over the next few weeks, I’ll share more about the Spiritual Hungers and offer examples and suggestions for how you can feed your soul. But I need your help! Download the Guide to Spiritual Hungers and review the list. What jumps out at you? What would you like some help or guidance with? Or what examples would you like to share with the community? Email me and let me know! It will be a big help in me offering support and guidance on this topic this month. 


I’m looking forward to exploring this with you. 
With love,

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