To feel connected to others

Jun 14, 2022
To feel connected to others

To feel connected to others is a Spiritual Hunger found under Exchange & Connection to Others. 


Prior to 2020, I can’t say I experienced this spiritual hunger very often. Running a yoga center where I was teaching classes and workshops, organizing and attending community events &  teacher trainings meant that I felt connected to others in a big way. With that said, I acknowledge you can do these things and not feel connected, but that wasn’t the case for me. Thinking of these experiences warms my heart, and I have lots of photo evidence to remind me how full I was. 


I felt grateful as all of these experiences were taking place, but I believe I took the ease of them for granted. They weren’t easy to do, but I was in a flow with doing them. They were part of my routine, my life and with that came a sense of ease. 


In the last two years, I retreated into myself, and my connections with others changed. As the usual routines were disrupted, connections became intentional in a whole new way. I found that I felt restored and energized by meaningful conversations over long walks with my husband, or a close friend. Through this, my relationships blossomed and became more connective and vulnerable. I’ve learned about myself as I’ve reconnected with friends and colleagues. I’ve accepted that I thrive in one to one conversations, and struggle in groups. I need space to listen, think, feel heard, and share. This is where I feel a meaningful connection with others. This is where I feel full. 


Looking back at the last week, there were a number of ways I had meaningful connections with others through our common interests: 


  • In my classes and individual sessions here at HealedLovedFed, I get to hear what you’re up to in your life; where we have similarities and differences in our lives; where you’re thriving and where you’re feeling challenged and how you use your practice to support you along the way. Through this I feel uplifted.
  • I volunteered at my local food co-op where I womanned the testimonials table and engaged with fellow owners as they stopped by to share why they’re members. A number of people there were folks I had spoken to via email or phone, but had never met in person so we were able to connect immediately. I felt energized. 
  • A meal with a close friend where we were free from distractions and able to be present with each other as we shared what’s been happening in our lives. I experienced a range of emotions from anger to happiness to hope. 
  • On two separate occasions, I was walking and ran into women I hadn’t seen in a long time. One from our yoga community, the other a woman I worked with years ago (she and I recently connected via social media which made it even more special). In both cases, we hugged, and talked for a moment. The connection was immediate and genuine. I forgot how good it feels to connect with someone you haven’t seen in awhile. I felt grateful. 
  • I helped my husband at his event over the weekend. Through that I get to see him in his own passion, feel his excitement and connect with him more deeply. I felt loving and proud. 
  • Writing my weekly email to you. My hope is that this email inspires, uplifts and touches you in some way, and you feel connected too. I feel curious and creative. 


As you look back over the last week or the last month, who did you connect with and where did it happen? What feelings come up as you reflect on these connections? 


If you’re drawing a blank and feeling the hunger to connect with others, I hope you can take inspiration from my list, or reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in awhile. They will likely be thrilled to hear from you. Maybe they were just thinking of you, or wanting to connect with someone but felt shy. You can be that spark and fill your hunger in the process. 


With love and gratitude,

P.S. One of the ways we connect here at HealedLovedFed is through our meditation practice. Meditation connects you with your soul and your soul’s desires. Practicing it together connects you with a powerful community. We’re starting a new 40 day meditation on June 20: the meditation to Surround Yourself with Protection. This meditation protects and paves the way for your Soul’s desires by expanding your aura + we’ll use journaling to help you tap into what inspires your Soul so that you can energetically draw curious attention to the experiences you want in your life. Join us here.

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