Happy Solstice! Use this time to your advantage

Dec 21, 2021
Use this time between Solstice and New Year's Day

Happy Winter Solstice!
Today, we celebrate the beginning of winter with the shortest day of the year. While the cold, dark days can be challenging, consider embracing the season…

Winter Solstice is a celebration of rebirth and return to light.
Moving forward, we have more light each day from now until the Summer Solstice in June.

This is also a time of reflection and rest.
Keep this in mind when you’re feeling tired, where can you schedule meditation and rest into your day?

A short meditation followed by 11 minutes of deep relaxation can be quite restorative and give you the energy boost you need.

Use this transition between Solstice and the New Year for reflection, gratitude and intention setting
Each night between now and then, settle into your meditation space.
Light a candle (candles and bonfires have traditionally been used to celebrate the solstice) and meditate with long deep breath or mantra music.
Get quiet with yourself. What do you hear? What are you grateful for? What’s no longer serving you or your purpose? Are you ready to let go of it?
Reflect and write what’s in your heart. Use this time to clear the way for the new year.

Take this time for reflection and letting go between now and New Years Day, then join us for our annual Clean Slate Attunement at 9am cst. Register now, and you’ll receive access to the video tutorials for our next 40 day challenge which will be part of our New Year’s Day celebration. For those of you who are competitive, we think you’ll love learning the mantra for the next challenge.

Happy Solstice and can’t wait to celebrate 2022 with you!
With love and gratitude,


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