Using your spiritual hungers for inspiration

Jun 16, 2022
Using your spiritual hungers for inspiration

I wasn’t the happiest person on the planet, and not much inspired me in my youth. But two things did, and they had two things in common: (1) they were both acts of anonymous generosity, and (2) while other sources of inspiration were fleeting, these two experiences stuck with me through all these years. That said, they lay dormant as a wonderful memory until I realized that I can bring them forward to become more than that in my life. Here are my two sources of sticky inspiration: 

  1. While road tripping to Chicago with my college friends, we stopped at a Mexican restaurant called Chi-Chi’s. As we gabbed away at our table, we noticed an older couple sitting near us laughing delightfully at our gab. During our meal, they left, and at the end of our meal, our waiter encouraged us to order any dessert we wanted. We were counting our pennies, so we declined. He pressed on about the dessert saying that the older couple had paid for our entire meal; they told him we reminded them of their kids. It made our day so much that I pulled out a scratch sheet of paper, wrote on it, “this is the best day ever,” and we all signed it. I promised myself that I’d pay this forward many times over from the moment I could.
  2. When my children were small, I had a nanny who took care of my kids along with a small child of her own. She hadn’t finished school because she got pregnant in college, and she decided not to go the safe route and marry the father of her child because she knew he wasn’t the one. Nearly a year later, she quit working for me because an anonymous angel financed the completion of her undergraduate and nursing degrees (her dream), and his caveat was that she go full time and focus on education and her child. I thought, how cool would it be to be that angel and make a direct difference in the lives of others. I wanted to be that angel.  

What made these two experiences extra special was that the generous donors didn't stick around for a thank you. They left the scene so that the recipients can immediately take in the gift without going through the awkward shoulds and then think about how they will say thank you by paying it forward.



These two stories are what stoked my own hunger to make a difference. Like everyone else, I hunger to be seen, heard, and to matter, but this… this gets my Soul up in the morning. I just had to tap into these experiences that deeply inspire me. 

We complain about how hard it is to stay inspired from day to day to consistently do what we want to do for ourselves. This desire for inspiration is us recognizing how important it is to be inspired. 

There are always multiple spiritual hungers you’ll feel at any given time, and they are all important to acknowledge and fill. For the purpose of finding soul-level inspiration to get up in the morning, find your source of inspiration and translate it into a spiritual hunger that goes beyond your individual need and prompts you to act on behalf of a better world. It’s worth looking at. A hunger that’s powered by a story that inspires and prompts you into action has the power to unleash you.

The bonus is, doing this will effectively

  • support good mental, emotional, and physical health
  • cover your individual spiritual hungers, and
  • fulfill relationships, first with yourself, and then with everything and everyone around you 



We’re working on this angle of Spiritual Hunger-ing with the next 40 day practice that begins on Monday, June 20: Meditation to Surround Yourself with Protection. The aura, aka your magnetic field, protects you from the negative energy that keeps you stuck, and it projects and influences the world around you from your current state of being. That projective aspect of your aura affects what you attract. The post-meditation journaling that we will do with this practice will help you tap into what inspires your Soul so that you can bring that into your magnetic field and energetically draw curious attention to the experiences you want in your life. If you want to be a part of this 40 day, join here. Already a member? Let us know you're doing this


Xoxo, Savitree

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