What to practice when you don't have the time

Mar 02, 2021
what yoga and meditation to practice when you don't have the time
Here’s a Zen proverb you might have heard: 


You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day. 

Unless you're too busy; then sit for an hour.


The real reasons why most of us are too busy: 
  1. We lack clarity, so we're all over the place.
  2. We lack focus and concentration. So we take weeks, months, and years to “unpack” instead of days, hours, or moments. 
  3. We lack healthy boundaries. We say yes to what’s not ours, which is so draining. 
  4. Our negative mind overwhelms us into perfection or paralysis. 


A daily kundalini yoga & meditation practice takes care of these beautifully. 

  • With daily practice, you’ll eventually need less sleep to feel rested. 
  • With the level of clarity it'll bring you, you’ll hone in on what’s important and aligned. 
  • With that level of intention, the stuff that you thought were important will cease to be. 
  • With that level of discernment, you’ll start saying NO without thinking about it. 
  • With that level of calm, you’ll make more of the right decisions with greater compassion and generosity. 
  • With all that time saved, you get your life back to spend it the way you want to.
  • With that kind of shift, you’ll get your sense of humor back.  

Those that take the biggest leaps of faith carve out 2.5 hours a day for their practice. This not only adds half a day to your 24-hour day, it transforms quality of life.
But you don’t have to carve out 2.5 hours.
Start with 10 minutes. 40 minutes is even better. 1 hour? You’re rockin '.


Here’s what to include in your practice:


  1. A breath meditation - keep training your body to maintain a sense of calm and maximize your life force.
  2. A sound meditation - recode over your negative self-talk with mantra that elevates Self worth and identity.
  3. Movement - balance your body’s systems to get strong. Energy, grit, and courage comes from strength. You need these to live the good life. 
  4. Relaxation - you gotta give yourself the space to integrate and process. 

Even if you practice each of these 4 areas equally for 3 minutes (12 minutes total) daily, you’ll benefit from it even more than if you were to do 90 minutes twice a week. That’s because you create constancy

There are many practices that combine breath, sound, and movement. Just add relaxation afterwards.

The Foundation: Here’s a free tutorial on the One Simple Breath. If you had to learn one thing to be well, this would be it. 

Want some 3 to 40 minute practices? Click here to access free yoga sequences and meditations. 

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