What you gain through consistency

Nov 23, 2021
What you gain through consistency

Consistency is critical, especially this time of year. Taking time for your practice in the morning means taking time for yourself first, before anything else happens. Think of it like putting the oxygen mask on yourself before you put it on the person next to you… you help yourself so that you can help others.

Regular practice:

  • Strengthens your nervous, immune and digestive systems
  • Increases your capacity and self-authority
  • Helps you know when to say yes and when to say no
  • Strengthens your intuition and vitality
  • Gives you strength, confidence and calm
  • Allows you to open your heart and express yourself fully

During this season when the sun sits a little lower in the sky, we need an extra boost from our practice. Consistency gives that boost. All it takes is making the commitment to yourself. Through that commitment you get to grow your own warmth, your own energy, your own self.

Think of yourself before you found your practice and where you are now. What’s changed in your life? As you consider this, who in your life do you want to share this with, so they can experience what you have? Thursday’s Thanksgiving Sadhana Huddle will be open to all. Forward this blog to those in your life who’ve been curious about what gives you your confidence and your glow, and who’ve been seeking a meditation practice. 

Thanksgiving morning will give them a juicy taste of what this practice offers.

Every year, we hear how much you appreciate having an early morning practice on Thanksgiving to both start your day, and the holiday season. In a season focused on giving, it’s important to create space to give to yourself as well. We’ll help you start your day, and the season, with practice, in community, so you have the strength and capacity to take on the coming days and weeks.

Click here to register for the Thanksgiving Sadhana Huddle. When you register, you’ll receive the tutorial and practice videos for the Surya Kriya. Wednesday evening, we’ll send out the Zoom link for the Huddle on Thursday morning so keep an eye on your inbox.
Don’t forget to invite your loved ones so that they can experience this powerful practice with you.

With love,


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