What to do when someone gives you the stinkeye

Aug 10, 2021

Imagine if you could be curious about everything like when you were a child.

"What if I did this?  What would happen?"

It was playful. The world was filled with wonder. 

And, you survived the what ifs.
They got you much further in life than you think. In fact, those
what ifs that you played out are often the fond memories you carry today.

What you may not have learned is how to translate the negative feedback from the world when your what ifs didn’t please them. You took them personally to mean you were dumb. Instead of wondering what next?... they made you wonder what were you thinking?
They taught you to play it safe. 

The truth is, these messages had nothing to do with you. While their intentions may have been good, they were projected onto you - their own fears and their own desires. They didn’t give you the chance to experience for yourself how you felt to adventure on with your Spirit intact and try your curiosities (read: power) on for size. 


But now you’re grown up, and you can change that.
You can say,
I wonder what would happen if I did this… 

...and let your Soul drive your curiosity. (Make sure it’s not your anger but your Soul driving it) 


Then when - not if, but when - someone gives you the stink-eye, f*ck em. 

That’s their work, not yours, to find their pleasure, through their own Self, and their own adventures, not you. Stay your course. Stay curious.

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