Who's in your five?

Aug 30, 2022
Who's in your five?

Speaker and author Jim Rohn said,


You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” 


Consider how you feel when you leave a social situation or have an interaction with someone in your life (in person or online). Do you walk away feeling uplifted and inspired? On the flip side, how do you think the other person feels after spending time with you? 


This isn’t all about having people cheering you on and cosigning everything that you do. It’s also important to have allies in your five. Allies are those who are willing to challenge you. They support and encourage you, but also keep it real. 


When you’re developing healthy habits, creating your habit stack, and setting ambitious goals, it’s fun to share those with people close to you who are engaging in the same activities. You get to share in wins and challenges together and learn from each other. 


If you’re noticing this is a gap that you have in your life, you can adjust to fill that gap. You’re taking a step right now in reading this email and in the way you connect with Savitree and me each week. 


You take that step every time you pay attention to how you feel after an interaction. 


You can also take the step by joining us inside HealedLovedFed. When you become a Morning Maven, you start your day with meditation and soul journaling, in community, with others of like mind. From there, you get to deepen your experience by joining us for weekly group sessions where you leverage your insights and experiences to uplevel your connections, habits, and support your life goals. This not only brings more meaning and depth to your practice, it expands your network of five. Learn more and join us here.


In what ways would you benefit from having this dedicated practice and support in your life?

With love,


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